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Highlighting homelessness & risk factors

Do not let the image above fool you! Many people experiencing homelessness or at risk may not fit a certain description. Homelessness is not a choice and anyone can experience it at any given time. According to Raising The Roof , a charitable initiative launched in 1996 dedicated to finding long-term solutions to homelessness, approximately  235,000 Canadians experience homelessness each year, and families with children are the fastest growing homeless demographic. Poverty and its underlying issues are said to be the cause of homelessness. This may include poor physical or mental health, violence or abuse in the home, lack of employment or income, and a shortage of affordable housing. HERE IS THE PERSONAL TESTIMONY OF A FAMILY AT RISK "In September 2020, I was fired from my job. It was the day I would never forget. I believe I was fired because I reported I was being harassed and discriminated against in the workplace. My manager at the time decided to ignore my complaint and subs

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